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Oh yes!!! This is like Christmas Day.
I have wanted this scanner for years. And it’s finally mineeeee!


I spent the afternoon with sangria, snacks and @hardxcor at #JP pond. It was glorious! 🌞🍓#jamaicaplain #jamaicapond #foodnerds #boston #grrrlfrands #sundayfunday


Four slices.


Still Laughing.

I can see her making that face.


11:30pm: I just got off work. #pizza #friday #brookline #boston #singlelife #pizzalife (at Josephs Sub Shop and Pizza)


See, Katie? 

I told you everything was lining up for you; that the right people were headed your way; that the right things would be said; that you’d become a total love magnet; and that very little of this would be apparent as it was unfolding, yet in hindsight you’d see the stunning perfection. 

It’s just that right now, you’re mostly in the unfolding part. 

All is according to plan - 

    The Universe


"Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence."

- Alan Watts (via theriverjordyn)

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Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck’s surreal collage art juxtaposes vintage photographs with contemporary composition styles to challenge traditional states of mind.

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"You don’t know anyone at the party, so you don’t want to go. You don’t like cottage cheese, so you haven’t eaten it in years. This is your choice, of course, but don’t kid yourself: it’s also the flinch. Your personality is not set in stone. You may think a morning coffee is the most enjoyable thing in the world, but it’s really just a habit. Thirty days without it, and you would be fine. You think you have a soul mate, but in fact you could have had any number of spouses. You would have evolved differently, but been just as happy.

You can change what you want about yourself at any time. You see yourself as someone who can’t write or play an instrument, who gives in to temptation or makes bad decisions, but that’s really not you. It’s not ingrained. It’s not your personality. Your personality is something else, something deeper than just preferences, and these details on the surface, you can change anytime you like.

If it is useful to do so, you must abandon your identity and start again. Sometimes, it’s the only way.

Set fire to your old self. It’s not needed here. It’s too busy shopping, gossiping about others, and watching days go by and asking why you haven’t gotten as far as you’d like. This old self will die and be forgotten by all but family, and replaced by someone who makes a difference.

Your new self is not like that. Your new self is the Great Chicago Fire—overwhelming, overpowering, and destroying everything that isn’t necessary."

- Julien Smith, The Flinch (via wordsnquotes)

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paradise doom bubble

I made egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough made for eating. Aka it’s butter sugar flour and chocolate.
Applying to jobs.

This is the song that never ends.. It’s goes on and on and on my friend


Golden girls is one of those shows I can put on and it’s sort of like a small blanket of comfort. I’ve seen every episode so many times.
But they’re mah gurls.

Folding my laundry and watching golden girls.
I’m also 64.


Crispy Za'atar Bowl


I’ve been eating a lot of salads for lunch this summer, but za’atar has really livened up my meal lately.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with za’atar, it is a Middle Eastern spice blend that typically consists of oregano, thyme, savory, sumac, marjoram, and sesame seeds. The blend…

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I don’t ever sit on my couch. #boston #roslindale #jamaicaplain #studioapartment #craftproblems #artistproblems

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