I just got my film back that I shot on Monday! This is only a screen shot.. I was just too excited, I had to share! 

This is exactly what I wanted and I got it. :) 

Shot with my beloved Mamiya 645, Kodak 120 VC 160 film and a 50 foot cable release. 

I don’t know what to call them yet.. but damn it feels good to be making self portraits again. and in new environments! 

I will be posting more soon. 

  1. electrikmuse said: Nice composition…you really captured a feeling there.
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    A glimpse of Katie’s self-portraits. I can’t wait to see more! Shot with a [beloved] Mamiya 645, Kodak 120 VC 160 film...
  3. conniecannibal said: beautiful work katie.
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